Saturday, March 31, 2012

The LG OLED 55" alredy priceless

Today we're going to talk about, what is it OLED. Is the 55-inch screen from LG, which was presented at CES 2012.At first it would be presented in the 2nd semester of the year, but now seems to have a possible release date before that.

The 1st we will start taling about OLED TV:

What is OLED TV?
An OLED TV uses a new display technology called OLED(Organic Light Emitting Diodes). Unlike LCD/LED and plasma, OLED TV is thinner, lighter and more efficient energy consumption.
What is OLED?
OLEd is made of organic material (or the carbon-based) components that are placed between two conductors. It emits light when electricity is applied. It doesn't requiere a blacklight so it more energy efficient. The two most common OLED screens today are the PMOLED (Passive-Matrix OLED) and AMOLED (Active-Matrix OLED). Poleis cheaper and easier to produce, but is limited in seze and has lower resolution comparedto AMOLED. While AMOLED screens are more efficient and can be made large, it also means that more expensive and complicated to manufacure.

Today PMOLED displays used in MP3players and secondary screen are cell phones. Smartphones and digital cameras are going to find that most have AMOLED displays, as these electronic devices requiere a higher resolution on their display panels such as the Samsung Galaxy S2.
OLED screens  offer better viewing experience and more aesthetic desing of the devices, this technology still lags behind the LCD and plasma in terms of life
The difference between LED and OLED TVs
The LED TVs are actually an LCD TV with LED backlighting. These backlights can be placed at the edges of the panel or full of lights placed behind a screen. In contrast the OLED TVs are each pixel is a light emitting diode itself. Removing the blaclight offers emormous potential for futures OLED TVs can be as thin as paper and very flexible.
When will we see OLED TVs in store.
Today, OLED TVs are alredy available but are very expensive for fans og technology in resolution. However, the giant eletctronics companies that Samsung, LG and Sony are now preparing for mass production of OLED TVs.

According to recent report by LG will release its new 55-inch OLED TV in May during the Canner Film Festival, and the device is expected of U$D 7.900.

To remind you a little more than remind you that this TV has a 55-inch
screen and measures only 4MM thick features a slim bezel, plus it weighs only 7,5 KG.

Thus of these television talk makes me want to hace ona at home.

Here you have a picture you can be delighted.


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