Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enable Talk, gloves that allow deaf people to communicate

A group of Ukrainian programmers created the "Enable Talk" a device consisting of a pair of gloves that can contectar a smartphone and allows the individual gestures are seen as words on the screen and even listen.

The gloves have sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, which are present in controls Move Playstation, Nintendo Wii, cell phones and tablets, which were adapted to convert the movements of the hands in the air-to-speech and text that can be seen using bluetooth connection on smartphones.

According to its developers, the device also has the ability to allow users to create and schedule certain gestures for certain words.

Maxim Osika, one of the developers, said that "we were inspired to help our friends who are speech impaired and provide the ability to communicate like everyone else".

Although "Enable Talk" is just a prototype, this allowed him to retain first place in the Microsoft Imagine Cup for technical innovations that took place in Australia.


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