Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FIFA approves the Select iBall, a smart ball to detect ghost goal

When it comes professional soccer around the world, FIFA is the league where most of the major teams play. It’s not uncommon for the referees to have a difficult time calling a goal during a match because it can be hard to determine when the ball passes the goal line. FIFA has just approved a new high-tech soccer ball that will eliminate any misunderstandings when it comes to scoring a goal or not.

The ball itself looks normal on the outside, but has bands of copper sensors on the inside that wrap completely around the ball. When a player kicks the ball through the goal, as soon as the entire ball crosses the goal line antennas mounted to the goal pick up the score. A light on a watch worn by officials then comes on to signify the score.

It’s not clear at this point when the ball will make its first appearance in a professional soccer match, but listen to rumors be implemented in the World Cup Brazil 2014, this technology should easily end any arguments about whether or not the goal was good down at the pub.


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