Monday, July 9, 2012

Facebook gives terminate the services of

Less than a month, Facebook announced to the world to buy, the Israeli startup that is dedicated to providing facial recognition technology in images. But now, many developers will have to leave in search of new horizons when it is announced that the API to does not go more.

The notice was published in the official site and also have sent via email to its customers and developers, who may no longer using the products and services company. The reason for this change is very simple: Facebook wants to encourage the development of such products and services within the social network itself, so it is necessary to cut all relations with external agents.

In cruder words, this means leaving practically dumped into a handful of people. And that also includes users, such as those using Klik IOS application that has disappeared from the App Store, although it provides a support site for those wishing to download your data.

For now, those who used the services of have no chance to resign, and find alternatives. Looking back, it's pretty logical move by Facebook when you have enough money: went from being the largest customer, to own the company and that they work only for them.


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