Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New processor Intel 3rd Generation

April 23 and as we advance, Intel finally releases its family og 3rd Generation Core processors codenamed "Ivy Bridge", these chips are characterized by being the first microprocessors, built under the manufacturing of 22 nanometer. Intel aid in the miniaturization of the circuits, through 3D transistor technology. The new Core processor family are expected to offer higher performance per clock cycle, speed and efficiency.

Ivy Bridge has a core design improved compared to "Sandy Bridge" quad-core packages x86-64, a wide AVX instruction set that includes AES-NI acceleration, the second generation Turbo Boost Technology, resulting in greater energy efficiency, and a new integrated graphics core that supports DirectX11. The graphics core can also be highly parallelized tasks such as video encoding, with the enhanced video QuickSync, and can transmit video wirelessly trough WiDi.

Each of the four cores are 8 or 6 MB shared L3 cache. the cache enabled this amount varies between models. The northbidge chip has a fully integrated memory controller integrated dual channel DDr3 (BMI)is compatible with PCI-Express 3.0 which has 16 lanes of grapichs(which can be organized in x16, x8)/x8 and x8/x4/x4, depending on the chipset on the motherboard). The new i7 Series chipsets Intel "Panther Point"are natively supported, to enable some new features, while the previous generation 6 series "Cougar Point" are also supported.

Now i show a video called: The Power of Small - 3rd Generation Intel Core


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