Thursday, May 24, 2012

LEAP: Control your mac with hand Gestures and Movements

The Keyboard and Mouse are part of a series of interfaces and physical controls perhaps are on the verge of disappearing or completely reinvented. This dilemma arises LEAP technology, a new project which brings us to interact with you Mac using natural gestures and movements. For $ 69 you can control your iMac as Tom Croise in Minority Report.

How far will the wats yo interact with our device? The Keeyboard and mouse duo seems doomed, little by little, to ostracism. For years, we have seen developments in the field of motion control, which come to consoles fairly recently, and tactile interfaces seem to be a good alternative. Today we present LEAP, for those who did not knew on May 21 was released, a curious project to control and manage the Mac environment with the simple movement of your hand.

LEAP is a fairly inexpensive device. for just $ 69 USD we can play, browse the web, interact with our favorite program or application, enlarge a picture, drawing or sort your desklop icons. whatever. Like the siccessful Microsoft platform, Kinect, LEAP is a small-sized gadget incredibly small, which recognizes our gestures and movements with great fidelity and naturalness, and apparently without laf or delay of anu kind.

Far years. people have speculated that even Apple itself could be behind a similar development, trying new gestures and interface to their Macs in the same way you did with the multi touch iOS ecosystem after the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 or iPad in 2010. Both Lion and Mountain Lion, Mac operating systems, incorporate a variety of touch gestures, which would virtually open the way to go through it and invite interesting alternatives. LEAP is a very insteresting idea, but perhaps, faces his toughest test: be attractive and logical for a miltitude of users somewaht reluctant to change. You can order it quickly now, becouse its creators do ship outside the country, and they say, the amount is quite limited. If you are interested, do not lose too much time


This is pretty awesome, thanks for sharing!

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