Thursday, May 10, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII, with natural interface and 4 Core -Processor

On Mat 3 the South Korean company Samsung presented its new smartphone Galaxy S3, an Android device, which offers a large screen area than its predecessors, besides being much faster and have more efficent.

This is the commercial video:

The new smartphone from Samsung draws attention, in the first place, because it offers a larger screen than its predecessor, the S
, as it went from 4.3 to  4.8 inchesdiagonal. However, this change does not effect the overall dimensions of the device, which remain practically unchaged with respect to the previous genration, thank to the desingners chose to lower the bezel device.

The Galaxy S3 panel incorporates HD technology Super AMOLED (Active - Matrix Organic Ligh Emitting Diode), the same used in the Galaxy Note, which has the particular feature that detects the touch layer is integrated into the screen, instead of being overlapped.

THe screen provides a larger viewing experience and crisp, with less reflection from ambient light and a significant resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio and allows images see from vide viewing angles.

Advanced features and natural interface

Another feature  of the Samsung Galaxy S3 includes the "Pop up", which lets you play a video anywhere on the screen while running other tasks, aleminating the need to close and restart your videos to check new messages e-mail or browse the Web.

The equipment of this smartphone also includes a rear camera 8MP with zero shutter lag that allows you yo capture moving objects with ease and without delay.

The device has the option to "burst mode" that instatly captures twenty continuous shooting, and the "best picture" for the user to select he best eight shots. This Camera, like other of 1,9 MP installed on the front, is capable of shooting HD video.

Desined to facilitate interaction between user and device, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a smart interface that con recognize the faces, gestures and movements of people to adapt to the characteristics of each.

In this sense, the smartphone features Stay Smart function, allowing you to identify how people are using the phone (if you´re reading an e-boook or surfing the Web, for example) with the help of the detection of eyes makes the fromt chamber, so that it can automatically maintain the brightness for a comfortable viewing of the contents.

In terms of their ability to access the Internet and navigate smoothly, the new Samsung smartphone offers Wi-Fi Channel Banding, a technology that helps to double the bandwidth of Wi-Fi.

According tothe manufacturer anticipated, Europe will be the first market in which the Galaxt S3 will be released during the last days of May.


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