Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google Presents: Project Beta Glass Smart Glasses

This week Google is showing off their next gigantic Project Beta, a pair off augmented reality glasses that connect with your whole Google experience: Project Glass. This is project called as "Project Glass" experience is part of the Google X offices for de experimental projects and is certainly not an April Fool's joke.Instaed this fantastical vision for the very near future is shown in a demostration video that has us flipping over the prospect of this product being released in the very near future.

This project isn't a prop. it's not a joke , it's the real deal - and Google is detailing it via Google, of course. This project is being touted by Google X employees at a futuristic vision that could very well come to fruition very soom. They're looking for your input, in fact, to drive the project forward from the very real place it's a today. Have a peek at this demostration (virtualized, of course) video to see what this is all about:

The actuals devices are a pair of wrap-around glasses with a clear display that sits in front of your eye (the left, for now), and leaks surrounding the glasses have been popping up for months. It appeared back them that these would be Terminator-tech, while now we, re seeing that it's much more that that - it's a fully integrated Google apps experience. What's more than this, the project could potentially not just sit around yout head - this tech could get as close to your body as a contact lens.

The image you're looking at above is a contact lens being developed by Google which Google X employee Badak Parviz notes allos pixels to be sitting right on top of your eye.We'll be following this project as closely as possible as it develops. For now, devour that video and check these photos.

We will be able to connect in a very entertaining with google, You like the way we view notifications in the video? Or is there something you don't like? Let us know in the comments.


Wow, this is so freakin cool ! WANT!! :D

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