Monday, April 2, 2012

Nike + Basketball and Training, the new Nike Plus service

Nike, for who knows who has long offered on a brand + for sports fans. Known best as Nike + that was made for fitness enthusiasts, especially those who love to run. And for no reaseon backetball fans have to be left out. which is why Nike + Basketball launches. Anogside this will also be presented Nike + Training for those seeking a more enhanced workout.

The twp new platforms for nike footwear will connect to digital as the previous data will be shared to the application on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Nike + Bascketball has the characteristic that may have acces to tracking the ture jumps, speed and how fast you're sharing this information with your friends.

This is the intro video Nike + Basketball:

Nike + Training seeks to combine the appeal of the games with the fitness routine of high intensity. Nike is using what it calls Nike + Sensor of pressure, be able to get more accurate accoundt of the movement and speed of the user to thereby establish goals, points anda compete with your firends.

This intro video Nike + Training:

Do you like ? ths very entertaining way to exercise with Nike +.

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