FIFA approves the Select iBall, a smart ball to detect ghost goal

the new system to detect of goals, is expected to be used in World Cup Brazil 2014.

Pocket TV turns any TV into a Smart TV

Anybody want to convert their "old" or similar LCD TV in one of those smart today are the latest fashion?

Aiptek projectors ready for iPhone OS and Android

Aiptek company, is developing new models of projectors for IOS and Android devices.

Google presents its new tablet Nexus 7

Event under the Google I / O 2012, the company also introduced its new operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, also showed the tablet Nexus 7.

Google introduces Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

During the event, Google I / O 2012, the company introduced its new version for Android 4.1 mobile operating system codenamed "Jelly Bean".

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blink USB, flash device that alerts you of everything you can imagine

This is an interesting little gadget called the blink USB. This is a little USB dongle has a RGB LED in the end that can glow different colors. The small light slips into a USB port and has lots of programmable functionality that can be used as a status light just about anything you can think of. The device will work with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems allowing it to work with just about any computer you might have in the home or office.

The LED inside the little flash drive can be adjusted for brightness, pattern, and color. That means you can set one color or flashing pattern to warn you of Twitter posts with specific keywords and another pattern and color to warn you if there’s a problem with a server. This little thing sounds very flexible and interesting people who manage a lot of computers.

The downside is the network administrator at your office could plug one into your computer and make it easier to see if you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing in your cubicle. The device is on Kickstarter right now seeking funding with 32 days ago. So far, the product has racked up $20,779 out of goal of $29,000.

Enable Talk, gloves that allow deaf people to communicate

A group of Ukrainian programmers created the "Enable Talk" a device consisting of a pair of gloves that can contectar a smartphone and allows the individual gestures are seen as words on the screen and even listen.

The gloves have sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, which are present in controls Move Playstation, Nintendo Wii, cell phones and tablets, which were adapted to convert the movements of the hands in the air-to-speech and text that can be seen using bluetooth connection on smartphones.

According to its developers, the device also has the ability to allow users to create and schedule certain gestures for certain words.

Maxim Osika, one of the developers, said that "we were inspired to help our friends who are speech impaired and provide the ability to communicate like everyone else".

Although "Enable Talk" is just a prototype, this allowed him to retain first place in the Microsoft Imagine Cup for technical innovations that took place in Australia.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FIFA approves the Select iBall, a smart ball to detect ghost goal

When it comes professional soccer around the world, FIFA is the league where most of the major teams play. It’s not uncommon for the referees to have a difficult time calling a goal during a match because it can be hard to determine when the ball passes the goal line. FIFA has just approved a new high-tech soccer ball that will eliminate any misunderstandings when it comes to scoring a goal or not.

The ball itself looks normal on the outside, but has bands of copper sensors on the inside that wrap completely around the ball. When a player kicks the ball through the goal, as soon as the entire ball crosses the goal line antennas mounted to the goal pick up the score. A light on a watch worn by officials then comes on to signify the score.

It’s not clear at this point when the ball will make its first appearance in a professional soccer match, but listen to rumors be implemented in the World Cup Brazil 2014, this technology should easily end any arguments about whether or not the goal was good down at the pub.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Facebook gives terminate the services of

Less than a month, Facebook announced to the world to buy, the Israeli startup that is dedicated to providing facial recognition technology in images. But now, many developers will have to leave in search of new horizons when it is announced that the API to does not go more.

The notice was published in the official site and also have sent via email to its customers and developers, who may no longer using the products and services company. The reason for this change is very simple: Facebook wants to encourage the development of such products and services within the social network itself, so it is necessary to cut all relations with external agents.

In cruder words, this means leaving practically dumped into a handful of people. And that also includes users, such as those using Klik IOS application that has disappeared from the App Store, although it provides a support site for those wishing to download your data.

For now, those who used the services of have no chance to resign, and find alternatives. Looking back, it's pretty logical move by Facebook when you have enough money: went from being the largest customer, to own the company and that they work only for them.