Monday, July 2, 2012

Pocket TV turns any TV into a Smart TV

Anybody want to convert their "old" or similar LCD TV in one of those smart today are the latest fashion? May do so in the future thanks to Pocket TV, a project that is close to a week of their collection in Kickstarter and has proven very successful to the point that already has more than tripled its initial goal of $ 100,000.

Pocket TV is something like a USB stick, but is connected to the TV via the HDMI port. Inside, the circuitry is sufficient to run Android 4.0 and from there up, add the features that are similar to those of a Smart TV. Of course, that the system can connect to Google Play and download applications, games, surfing the internet, and everything imaginable. It even includes a USB port to add an accessory to taste (mouse, external hard drive, or even a camera), and also an SD card slot.

Each Pocket TV remote control will have its own standard, but those who prefer, you can buy (supporting the project in Kickstarter) and choose the Air Remote, more advanced control that includes a QWERTY keyboard plus a gyroscope inside. As if that were not enough, you can also use a smartphone either IOS or Android as remote control.

Once completed the project in Kickstarter, the company behind the Pocket TV (Infinitec) expects to start producing the first batch of equipment for the month of July, to begin to distribute and sell it by September or October for a price of $ 160 in your basic version (Pocket TV more standard remote). Interested? At first glance, the idea seems very promising.


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