Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Computex 2012: ASUS has Thunderbolt to Z77 and H77 motherboards with expansion card

Thunderbolt is finally catching on to be adopted by the industry in which ASUS motherboards and is postulated as the first manufacturer to receive its certificate Thunderbolt P8Z77-V Premium motherboard. Unfortunately, the high price of these motherboards will remain a problem for most users. To this end ASUS has developed an alternative that promises to extend support to other models Thunderbolt motherboards with exclusive prices. 

The solution is its anticipated expansion card ThunderboltEX ranked the first of its kind which will update Z77 motherboards with chipsets and add H77 to support the new high-speed interconnect from Intel. In this case, that function need ThunderboltEX placed in a PCIe x4, with a cable to the header Thunderbolt which has already been mentioned above, since the panel DisplayPort output I / O.

The result as seen in the photograph is a bit annoying for those who hate having wires but this would be a necessary sacrifice in order to enjoy a bandwidth of 10Gbps and from a cable to transfer video and data simultaneously. The good news is that this expansion card is plug & play and no need to install any additional driver.

 At the moment there has been talk of price or availability date, but if it hits the market with a tentative label is sure to be a very viable alternative for those who want to try Thunderbolt. As for compatibility ThunderboltEX speech is supported by all motherboards with chipset ASUS Z77 and H77 header_TB including the connector.


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